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Wealth Management



Our holistic approach gives you a better look into your finances so you can save, invest, and pay down debt wisely.

At Gordon Asset Management, LLC, we pair advanced technological solutions with seasoned advisors in order to optimize your experience.  

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What Is Wealth Management?

In its simplest term, wealth management involves the protection and growth of your financial assets by a professional. Most people benefit from working with a financial advisor to grow their portfolio and create a comprehensive financial plan. The laws and regulations on money, investing, and taxes differ in each state, and it’s ideal to have a qualified expert on your side.

Wealth management encompasses a wide range of financial services, from tax planning, retirement planning, and insurance coverage, to buying and selling stocks for your portfolio. Your wealth management advisors can guide you through life’s events, create a roadmap for building wealth, and protect you from unnecessary risks.

What Services Are Included in Wealth Management?

Managing your financial assets is a simplified way of looking at wealth management. Actually, wealth management services can include the following services and more:

  • Financial planning
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Estate planning
  • Portfolio review
  • Buying and selling assets on your behalf
  • Starting you on the path to wealth building

You may not need all the different services. Your financial advisor will talk to you about your options and ensure you’re getting the help you need.

Holistic Wealth Management

This comprehensive approach encompasses all aspects of your financial life including; asset management, financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, insurance analysis and risk management. We serve as the “gatekeeper” for the management of your wealth and can bring in experts from various disciplines when needed or work with existing advisers to ensure you are maximizing your plan. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we have and always will, act as a fiduciary on your behalf. You can rest assured that your success is our primary objective.

Asset Management

In some cases, clients may already have a team of trusted advisers in place and want to augment with a team of qualified professionals to manage their liquid and illiquid assets. We deliver a first-class platform to manage and report the performance and asset allocation of our clients’ accounts across all custodians. We use in-house and institutional research to shape our portfolios and create our market and economic outlooks. The benefit of independence allows us the flexibility to use a wide range of investments for your portfolio.

Financial Planning

Whether you’re just starting your professional life, or you want to make sure that you are “on track,” it’s always a good idea to have a sound plan in place. We engage with our clients to evaluate their current financial state of affairs and provide an actionable plan to implement with them or for them to implement on their own. We purposefully compose your financial plan this way so that your plan is able to serve your needs. We will work with you to create a financial road map to remedy your most pressing financial concerns.

Wealth Management Strategies

When you make contributions to building wealth, it’s like filling up a bucket of water. It doesn’t happen instantly. Instead, it’s one drop of water at a time. If you turn the hose on too much, much of the water will leak by. If you turn the pressure down too much, your bucket won’t fill up fast enough. Your wealth management strategies include more than just your contributions to your portfolio, such as:

  • Setting financial goals
  • Diversifying your investments
  • Protect your assets with insurance
  • Aligning your investments with your objectives

In the bucket analogy, you may decide to add extra buckets, in case one of them leaks or tips over. You may also decide to get a very sturdy bucket with a lid to prevent excess water loss. Wealth management works in much the same way. We identify your goals and then choose the investments and insurance products that will get you there.

Let Our Financial Advisors Guide You

It can be overwhelming and scary to think about setting and reaching your financial goals, but you don’t have to do this alone. Our wealth management advisors are here to set you on the path to success. There’s no better time to start saving for the future than right now.  Schedule a complimentary appointment below to start your journey towards a better financial future.

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Why Personal Wealth Management Is Important

You can’t skip keeping track of your assets and their performance if you want to build wealth. The problem is most people don’t really know how to do that. It’s not just about buying stocks when they’re priced low and selling them once they go up in value. There’s strategy involved and usually a holding period of several years.

A financial advisor can take over the day-to-day administration of your portfolio, rebalance your assets as needed, and track the performance of each individual asset. You also want someone to ensure that your portfolio aligns with your goals and timelines and your risk tolerance. Those will probably change over the years as you near retirement age.

When Should I Look into Wealth Management?

If you want to build real wealth, you should work with a financial advisor. Maybe you don’t need the full barrage of wealth management services right away, but a financial plan is a good first step. If you already have some wealth, you can most definitely benefit from working with a professional to grow and protect your assets.

How Do I Know If I’m on Track with My Financial Goals?

Building wealth doesn’t happen overnight. If you feel you’re behind on reaching your financial goals, it’s a good idea to talk to an expert to help you determine the next steps. If you’re not sure what your goals should be or if you’ve reached them, a financial advisor can assist you with analyzing your situation and creating a plan for the future.