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Introducing the Revolutionary RISA: Tailoring Retirement Strategies to Individual Preferences

Introducing the Revolutionary RISA: Tailoring Retirement Strategies to Individual Preferences

April 26, 2024

As financial advisors, our primary goal at Gordon Asset Management, LLC is to ensure that every aspect of financial planning is personalized and directly aligned with our clients' unique life goals and financial situations. This commitment to tailored financial advice leads us to introduce an innovative tool that's set to transform retirement planning: the Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA).

Understanding the RISA

Life is rarely optimized on a spreadsheet; it unfolds according to personal aspirations and decisions. The same goes for retirement planning. The RISA framework is designed to personalize retirement income strategies by focusing on individual preferences and styles, thereby enhancing both professional success and personal fulfillment.

RISA categorizes retirement planning into four broad strategies:

  1. Total Return: Ideal for those who prefer drawing income from a diversified investment portfolio.
  2. Income Protection: Suited for individuals seeking security through lifetime income annuities.
  3. Risk Wrap: Combines investment growth potential with guaranteed lifetime income benefits.
  4. Time Segmentation: Uses different asset classes for short, medium, and long-term needs, providing flexibility and safety.


Traditional approaches to retirement planning often employ a one-size-fits-all strategy, which might not align with everyone's unique financial needs or comfort levels with risk. RISA offers a nuanced approach that begins with understanding the individual's retirement income style through a set of meticulously designed questions. This not only helps in identifying the most comfortable retirement strategy for our clients but also enhances their confidence and satisfaction in the retirement planning process.

Take the RISA Now – Discover your personal retirement style to craft a strategy that fits.

RISA's Impact on Financial Planning

At Gordon Asset Management, we understand the importance of a retirement strategy that resonates with your personal preferences. By incorporating RISA, we can:

  • Align Strategies with Personal Preferences: Ensuring that your retirement plan feels right and is something you can stick with long-term.
  • Enhance Financial Peace of Mind: By matching strategies to your natural financial behaviors, we reduce anxiety and increase security.
  • Adapt to Changing Needs: As your preferences or circumstances change, RISA allows us to adjust your plan efficiently.

Ready to Plan Smarter?

Click here to take the RISA and start on the path to a retirement plan that truly understands your needs and preferences.


The introduction of the RISA tool at Gordon Asset Management is a reflection of our commitment to innovative, personalized financial planning. By understanding and applying your unique retirement income style, we can craft a retirement plan that not only meets your financial needs but also aligns with your life’s goals and preferences.

Take the RISA today and move closer to a retirement plan that’s tailored just for you.

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